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Advertise and promote your business card and more on the Internet with Advertising Sponsorship and Savings Card. Savings Card can help people save money purchasing products and services in there local area, nationwide and can get the advertising word out about your business. When your business registers for Advertising Sponsorship your business will receive many valuable advertising and marketing benefits.

How Advertising Sponsorship Works Advertising Sponsorship offers a unique way to advertise, market and promote your business card and more on the Internet to attract and engage likely buyers thru Ad Listing. Advertising Sponsorship provides your business with an effective way to introduce new prospects to your business while providing your current customers, clients or patients with money saving offers on a regular base with no additional cost to your business using Advertising Sponsorship is affordable for all businesses looking for growth. can help small businesses grow and have an edge over their competitors using Ad Listing and Advertising Sponsorship. Ad Listing is a free advertising and promotion service for Advertising Sponsors. Ad Listing is to showcase and market Advertising Sponsors business card and more. Ad Listings ensure that prospects that arrive at your Ad Listing can quickly and easily access your information most likely to convert them from browser to buyer. website gets visitors from Savings Card Users, Email Marketing, Community Promotional Events, Faith Base Organizations, Non-Profits Organization, Press Releases and Search Engines. Businesses listed on can have the purchasing power of thousands of their local area consumers visiting their Ad Listing. Savings Card and Email Marketing are two of the main driving forces to get people to visit website. website is mobile friendly for cell phone users.

Each Ad Listing comes with a website visitor counter to count the number of views and online visits to your Ad Listing.

There are three fill in line spaces on each Ad Listing for sponsors to advertise a Savings Card money saving offer, free offer and special offer. Consumers do not need Savings Card to receive the business special advertise offer. Ad Listing provides fill in line spaces for social links information such as:,,, Google Plus and

If any of Ad Listing fill in line spaces are not used the blank line spaces will not be seen on the Ad Listing. Ad Listings are Index by Category, City and State making it easy for people to use.

Businesses select a Index Category, City and State for their business card and Ad Listing.

Your business card and Ad Listing can be shared with over 150 social media websites accessible from the business Ad Listing.

Visitors to Ad Listings will have the option to contact the business directly thru the Ad Listing. The business will receive a contact email notice sent to the sponsor’s account from the website visitor so only the intended sponsor will see the email. Advertising Sponsors has the option of uploading up to 4 Images (pictures) or 3 pictures and 1 business card – upload up to 4 different Music – upload up to 4 Videos and upload up to 4 Documents. The choice to upload a business card is up to the advertising sponsor.

There are easy to follow instructions to start Ad Listing. Management Team is available if help is needed. Advertising Sponsors can make changes to their Ad Listing easily and at anytime using their user name and password.

Advertising with Ad Listing is like promoting your business card and advertising offers to thousands of local consumers in your area steadily. Local area consumers will have access to your Ad Listing 24-7-365. Ad Listing does most of the advertising and promoting work for the advertising sponsor. People always want to save money purchasing products and services. Examples of money saving offers your business can use “Click Here” Savings Card Give Savings A New Meaning Savings Card Front (enlarge for viewing) Savings Card Back (enlarge for viewing)

• The average savings using Savings Card is about 10% to 50%.

• User can receive ongoing money savings offer after offer and use after use with Savings Card

• Savings Card is good for up to 24 months sometimes longer

• Management Team adds new businesses to website each month.

• Savings Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

• It’s easy to use; users just show Savings Card to the business merchant listed on and the businesses on the back of the savings card

• Good for the community and environment

• Savings Card can be used locally and nationwide Cares…

When you invest in a Advertising Sponsorship, will give a FREE 1 Year Memorial Membership to a family in remembrance of their departed loved one to Thank you in advance for your advertising sponsorship registration fee investment & support! Advertising Sponsor registration fee investment for 18 months is $69 or 36 month Advertising Sponsor Registration fee investment is $89. Advertising Sponsors pay registration fee after registering and selecting advertising sponsorship of choice. Advertising sponsors will receive a business sponsorship banner on the family memorial web page on with your business name on the banner.

Register for Advertising Sponsorship using the REGISTER LINK AT TOP OF WEB PAGE.

Please Note: Advertising Sponsorship Registration Fee Will Show As:
Seekwave Promotions Inc” On and on Your Credit Card or Monthly Statement

Have a question send an email… “Click Here”